ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Two local men carried flags in the Helderberg to Hudson half marathon on Saturday, in honor of Danielle Marceline—the Troy girl who tragically drowned while on vacation last year. Michael Newhouse was one of them.

He said Danielle Marceline’s story really touched his heart. “I was just honored and privileged to honor such a beautiful young girl,” he said. “And it’s really, really touched me in ways that I can’t even explain. It’s really got to me, many times.”

Danielle’s mom, Christine, still reeling from that loss. “My life has just had this big absence in it without her being around,” she explained.

Saturday’s race, though, helped her heart heal. “It just was really heartwarming to my husband and I, for somebody who never knew her in person, to be inspired to run 13.1 miles in her honor,” said Christine Marceline.

Newhouse said that’s what Flags 4 Fallen is all about. “What we do is just show people that complete strangers care,” he said. “It’s great, and I’ll always do it as long as I can keep moving. I’m going to never stop.”