ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Film crews began work along Washington Avenue Tuesday morning for the production of HBO’s “The White House Plumbers” starring Woody Harrelson.

If you walked downtown Tuesday, you likely noticed the 1970s-era cars, as well as orange signs pointing in the direction of where you could have potentially caught a glimpse of your favorite actor.

“It’s a buzz, it’s a huge buzz for our community,” said Deb Goedeke, Albany County Film Commissioner for Film Albany.

This shoot comes as, across the Hudson, production is also continuing on HBO’s “The Gilded Age” in Troy.

Goedeke says the Capital Region has become a go-to spot for production companies, “We’re a one-stop shop, so when you come here and you want to film here, there’s not all these layers that you have to go through to get approval.”

But the filming hasn’t come without traffic delays. Large portions of Washington Avenue near the Capitol were blocked off throughout the day Tuesday, with similar closures expected as filming continues on Wednesday.

Goedeke says while she understands the frustration some travelers in the area may have, she believes the delays are worth it in the long run.

“We’re asking everyone to be patient because all of this here puts us on the map with production companies,” she explained.

She, and city leaders, have praised the economic impact of the production, which is expected to bring in around $125,000 a day.

“They’re utilizing sleeping rooms, permit fees, Albany police fees, location fees, catering. Putting a lot of our folks in the production industry back to work when they’re here,” she says.

Production will continue through Wednesday.