ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — It’s safe to say that many of us are on the hunt to do something new and fun while getting out of the house, right? Well, what about ax throwing? Now, there’s a fall league to join in Albany.

The Lazy Axe is a 10-target ax-throwing facility and owned by Kristyn Muller and Mark Mirasol. The fall leagues begin Tuesday and include regular individual as well as WATL official league categories of “Big Ax,” “duels,” and “doubles.”

Leagues will run Tuesdays for eight weeks and Wednesdays for six.

“You’ll have matches where you’ll do 10 throws against another person or another team depending on which league you’re in,” Co-Owner Kristyn Muller, said. “Everyone is super supportive. Obviously everyone wants to do well but they mostly compete against themselves and want to improve as the league goes on.”

As far as safety protocols, masks are required. Ax handles are sanitized so if you don’t have your own, they can provide one for you. They’re cleaned before and after each use, much like the throwing space itself.

“We are shutting down the whole space for the league, so if you come in for it, we won’t have any other groups coming in,” Co-Owner Mark Mirasol, said.” Everyone can spread out and practice on their own target.”

To sign up, head to their website.