ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The recent murder that occurred on the corner of Myrtle & Phillip is just one of many that has Albany community leaders asking what can be done to stop the violence.   


“Maybe more police presence out here. I see patrol cops but not necessarily on foot as much” a local worker named Elijah told us. 

“Maybe more patrol. Not necessarily physically done but more patrol around…” said Mackenzie Woods who also works in the area. 

Albany police chief Eric Hawkins however said that isn’t a long term solution.

“More police presence is definitely a part of our strategy but in the short term” Hawkins said.

He wants to address factors in youths’ lives like domestic violence to prevent them from committing future crimes. 

Albany police investigating two homicides

“At some point in their lives, they’re experiencing some form of trauma, and once they reach a certain age they act out on that trauma, that trauma is manifesting themselves into them getting into an argument with somebody and deciding that they want to kill them” Hawkins told reporters. 

Exactly what is the department doing to reach out to at-risk youths? They chief said his agency has a program called “To Reach and Connect” in which the youths will be paired up with department officials who will follow their progress from as early as elementary through high school. The students will have opportunities to go on field trips, be enrolled in summer programs and have mediation between them and teachers.

Other community outreach programs like the boys and girls club on Delaware Avenue also want to intervene in at-risk youths’ lives. 

“First thing you’ll find are closed doors. Not to you but they’re open to you to come. Once that door closes behind you you’re in a safe place. There are adults that are here to help you and have fun” said Jimmy Bulmer, COO of Delaware Avenue Boys and Girls Club. Bulmer added that there will be a litany of programs such as food, music recording, games and students suggested activities to keep youth occupied and out of trouble. 

As for the shootings on Myrtle and Phillip, you’re being asked to call Albany Police if you have any information.