ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — On Monday, legislators in Albany established the “Detailed Instruction Supporting Community Violence Education and Reduction (DISCOVER)” program. The program, in partnership with the Sheriff’s Office, will focus on supporting firearm education and training for legal gun owners while looking to reduce the number of illegal guns in local communities.

“The DISCOVER Program will make a direct impact in taking deadly illegal guns off of our streets as it helps promote responsible gun culture through county-wide gun buybacks and pistol safety training courses,” said Legislator Dustin Reidy, who sponsored the resolution. “Albany County continues to lead and take action to end the public health emergency of gun violence. I’m proud to have introduced the DISCOVER program and to have worked with Sheriff Craig Apple and earned bipartisan support on these important measures.”

DISCOVER will offer pistol training courses for County residents which will be run by the Sheriff’s Office. The program will also offer an anonymous illegal firearm tip line to report illegal gun activity or illegal gun possession, which could result in a $500 reward if the tip results in illegal gun seizures. Gun buyback events that incentivize individuals to surrender firearms in exchange for cash and free gun locking mechanisms and instructions regarding best practices in keeping and storing guns will be offered as well.

“Without significant interventions, gun violence will continue to be a serious threat to our communities It’s comprehensive and preventative measures like the DISCOVER program that will reduce impetus for violence while promoting gun safety,” said Chairman Andrew Joyce. “I want to thank Legislator Reidy and the rest of the Legislature for continuing to make public safety a priority for our residents.”