DELMAR, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A Delmar store has reopened after a truck crashed into the storefront earlier this month. 5th Corner Goods and Gifts officially reopened on November 22.

On November 10, a pickup truck crashed through the storefront. The driver, Jerome Raeder, 89, of Prattsville, was driving his truck south on Kenwood Avenue when he attempted to make a right turn. Police said he was worried he would not be able to complete the turn, and he struck construction barricades.

When he placed his truck in reverse, his foot slipped off the brake, and he crashed into 5th Corner Goods and Gifts. Neither Raeder nor the occupants of the store were injured in the crash.

The owners of the 5th Corner Goods and Gifts spent the day after cleaning up debris after the crash. Danielle Obernesser, one of the shop owners, is thankful to be alive and unhurt.

“The room was full of smoke— I thought it was smoke. It was dust from the brick. When that settled I called 911. I tried to get out the door to get to them. I could see they were moving and the fire department arrived and they were okay,” explained Obernesser.

The co-owners had to go through their home décor and jewelry inventory to see what was salvageable after the crash. They want to open a pop up shop and continue to sell their goods during the holiday season.