COHOES, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is investigating an oil spill on Thursday around 9:18 a.m. at the Norlite Facility in Cohoes. The DEC says spill responders responded immediately to the call and are on site.

The DEC also says an equipment failure caused or contributed to the facility’s fuel tank system leak located in the equipment building. An estimated 200 gallons of fuel allegedly leaked onto the ground, and 10,000 gallons were contained before the leak was stopped.

Anthony Luisi, the Regional Director for DEC4, said the team rushed as soon as they received the call.

“DEC spill responders immediately reported to the incident based on preliminary information that we are continuing to compile,” Luisi said.

The DEC deployed photoionization detectors to measure gas levels and evaluate air quality. No off-site impacts were detected from the incident.

“Based on those measurements, we did not observe any kind of concentrations of gas or vapors that would be a potential concern for the community,” Luisi said. “And we have not detected any other off-site impacts from this incident.”

DEC will continue to oversee the cleanup and conduct a complete investigation of the incident, including its causes to take appropriate action. Norlite released the following statement regarding the spill-

“There was an oil leak on the property of the facility. The leak is over, has been contained to a small area on-site, and has not affected any other area at the facility, and has had no effect outside the Norlite property. NYS DEC Spill officials have inspected the event, and Norlite is cooperating with regulators at this time.”

According to officials, the investigation will be done within 15 days.