COHOES, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is investigating odor and smoke complaints from the Norlite Facility in Cohoes. This comes on the heels of another investigation on Thursday after an estimated 200 gallons of oil spilled onto the ground.

The DEC said that at 7:45 on Sunday morning, they responded to a complaint of a strong odor coming from the Norlite Facility. Spill responders from the DEC confirmed there were burning odors in the north of the facility and saw smoke from one of the kiln stacks being blown towards the impacted area. The DEC says they inspected the facility for a source of the odors when they found they were emanating from a stack on one of the kilns and shut it down. The cause for the odors is still under investigation, according to the DEC.

Norlite released a statement regarding the investigation –

“Norlite shut down operations as a result of the extreme cold.  During re-starting operations this morning, using only natural gas fuel, Norlite was informed that an odor was detected by neighbors. The DEC was notified and visited the facility.  Re-starting was suspended and will resume when conditions and operations permit.  The re-start is being coordinated with the DEC.”

The DEC says no hazardous materials or waste were being processed in the kiln at the time of the odor issues.