ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — According to Officer Steve Smith, the Public Information Officer at the Albany Police Department, the increase in violence seen within the Capital Region is a trend we’re seeing from coast to coast. Urban areas are seeing huge spikes in violence, and the city of Albany follows the trend.

Smith shared figures with NEWS10 about crime rates and violence within the city of Albany. He says that, in 2020, total crime was down 3.5%, and property crime was down 10%. These comparisons to 2019 seem positive, but violent crime in particular has grown by a whopping 21% in Albany even as the overall crime rate dropped.

There were 262 “shots fired” incidents where police actually confirmed that shots were fired. This represents a 111% increase from 2019, when 124 incidents were confirmed. Incidents where a victim was hit by a bullet also more than doubled. In 2020, there were 101 shooting incidents where an individual was shot. That’s a 110% growth over 2019, when there were 48.

Some shooting incidents had more than one victim. Fifty-two people were shot in 2019, and that figure grew by 150% this year. In the 101 shooting incidents in the city of Albany in 2020, a total of 130 people were shot. That’s about 1.2 victims shot per shooting incident.

All told, 111 “cime guns” were recovered by the Albany Police Department in 2020. That represents a 17% increase over 2019, when 95 guns were recovered.

Nearby, in Colonie, Lt. Robert Winn said the department tallied 86 illegal guns as recovered. That includes revolvers, pistols, rifles, shotguns, high capacity magazines, and a silencer.