GUILDERLAND, NY (NEWS 10) — A new storage facility, and the Watervliet reservoir. A local resident is concerned that this combination could lead to water pollution.

“I’m trying to get ahead of the problem versus having the problem and then having to deal with it” Joe Masterson told NEWS 10’s Zion Decoteau.


Joe Masterson’s driveway ends right across the street from the proposed site of a construction equipment storage facility that will encompass four warehouses with outdoor storage included. 

Masterson, a father of three who’s lived in the area for over a decade, is concerned that runoff from the facility will pollute the adjacent Watervliet reservoir — which supplies Guilderland’s drinking water. It brings up memories of another capital region water crisis.

“So you think about Hoosick Falls? What if everything that happened never happened they wouldn’t have issues and be where they’re right now so we’ve got great drinking water that feeds Guilderland. Why would we do something to even potentially change that or damage it” Mr. Masterson told us.

Documents from the town of Guilderland reveal that the land near the intersection of Route 158 and Western Ave is owned by Michael Floccuzio of 4478 Western, LLC, a company with an address out of Duanesburg. We called Floccuzio who declined to comment. 

NEWS 10 can confirm that the company filed a permit to have zoning laws changed from agriculture to commercial use so they can build their facility.

The town of Guilderland prohibits development within 500 feet of the reservoir. The company wants the facility built within 300 feet. 

Masterson says he isn’t against construction, just the location.

“I would like it to be moved. I have nothing against developing. If they wanted to put a couple houses there, great! Start a little neighborhood, wonderful! But as far as the construction type use, or storage of construction, and potential leaking of chemicals into the drinking water, that’s what concerns me” the Guilderland homeowner said.

Residents will be able to issue their concerns on the matter at a public forum at Guilderland Town Hall on October 4th at 7pm.

Guilderland Town Supervisor Peter Barber sent NEWS10 the following statement:

“The reservoir is owned by the City.  

Because the land use application is within 500 feet of the Reservoir, the City was notified and later provided comments.  

The City was also informed of a Town staff meeting (Development Planning Committee) in May to review the land use application.  While no City representative attended, the DPC disapproved of the proposal, and provided its comments to the Zoning Board of Appeals.  

The land use application is scheduled to be heard by the ZBA at a public hearing next Wednesday at 7pm.”