ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — With temperatures expected to dip below freezing Monday night, the Homeless and Travelers Aid Society (HATAS) issued a Code Blue Alert in Albany through Wednesday. Meteorologist Matt Mackie said wind gusts could reach 25 miles per hour or more on Monday, leading to a very blustery feel, and temperatures will plummet overnight into the 20s for most.

Highs on Tuesday will only reach the low 40s—still dangerously cold for those in need of shelter, especially when the wind chill is factored in. Homeless residents in Albany County who find themselves in need can go to the Capital City Rescue Mission at 259 South Pearl Street, the Emergency Overflow Shelter at 646 State Street, or the IPH Safe Haven at 26 South Swan Street.

A Code Blue Alert is triggered when temperatures are expected to be 32 degrees or less, including wind chill. The program is designed to reduce barriers for homeless people seeking shelter.

Every social services district in New York State is required to run a homeless Code Blue program. If you see someone in need of assistance in Albany, call HATAS at (518) 463-2124.