ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Albany Parking Authority has announced that starting on May 8 all on-street parking meters that currently end at 6 p.m. will now end at 5 p.m. Additionally, the 15-minute lock out period that protected the ParkAlbany App’s progressive meter rates will be removed, allowing users of the app to now continue their parking session in the same zone for up to an hour after their session expires.

The decision to make the changes permanent has come after Albany Parking Authority received positive feedback from a pilot program that ran through the summer and fall of 2022. These modifications have gained support from the local business community.

“As a business located on Central Avenue, we see the detrimental effects of the hour between the typical end of the workday – 5 p.m. – and that additional hour to 6 p.m. Many of our customers have specifically said they would swing by on their way home from work, but they do not want to pay for parking during this time.” said Lance Rider, proprietor of ROCKS. “Having been in business for over 16 years, we have seen the difference this makes and the reduction in business and tax revenue. The continued partnership between the Albany Parking Authority and local businesses has been quite successful, and we appreciate them taking the time to listen to the business community’s concerns and come up with viable options to ensure a ‘win-win’ scenario.”

The meter changes have been backed by the Albany Common Council and the Albany Police Department. Mayor Kathy Sheehan has also announced her support of the decision.

“The Albany Parking Authority has been a tremendous supporter of making parking easier for both visitors and small businesses through the launch of the ParkAlbany app, supporting expanded sidewalk cafes, and creating pick-up zones during the pandemic. By eliminating the final hour of metered parking and further improving the ParkAlbany app, the Parking Authority continues to exemplify what is means to be a community partner.” said Mayor Kathy Sheehan. “I commend the Parking Authority and Executive Director Matthew Peter for their commitment to improving the experience of those living in and visiting our commercial corridors. I also want to thank Councilmembers Love, Zamer, Kimbrough, and Balarin for their partnership in this initiative.”

For full details on the new parking meter information, visit Park Albany.