ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Capital City Rescue Mission helps to provide delicious Easter meals to those in need in the community. Volunteers and staff served up everything from ham to mashed potatoes for the mission’s 39th annual Easter Dinner.

“We’re home for the holidays for a lot of people that wouldn’t have a home for the holiday,” said Perry Jones, the mission’s executive director.

The event was made possible through community donations and the work of many volunteers, who gave some of their time on a holiday to help members of the community.

“We have people that want to give you a hug, that says thank you and they mean it. They don’t get hugs and smiles every day,”

Many of the volunteers who helped Sunday have continued to help at the mission, “It means a lot, just to be able to give back what little I can and just help put a smile on somebody’s face.”

One of those volunteers is Chris Jones, who’s been volunteering for over 20 years, serving up his special mashed potatoes for each holiday, “It feels good. I feel blessed that I can do that. I feel blessed that I can give to the people who need a little bit more in life.”

It’s help that continues to make a huge impact, especially as those at the Rescue Mission say the need has increased as people continue to face hardships from the pandemic.

“The numbers are up some, definitely the need to be administered to,” the executive director explained.

Those who got an Easter meal Sunday either dined inside the mission or were able to takeout, with many filling a dining room and lining up outside Sunday afternoon.

Sunday’s event began with an Easter chapel at 11 o’clock, before dinner at noon, followed by a cafe.