COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Hundreds have already made their way to Albany International Airport ahead of Memorial Day weekend. The CEO of Albany County Airport Authority, Philip Calderone, said it has the potential to be the busiest in over 30 years.

“That’s exciting news,” exclaimed Calderone. “Coming out of what we’ve just been through over the past three years. And Albany International is ready.”

Ready—and full to the brim. Calderone said the airport is already back to pre-pandemic levels, so it’s important to give yourself extra time to make your flight.

“Folks should get here at least two hours in advance,” stressed Calderone. “At a minimum.”

“Not pulling into the airport,” added TSA Federal Security Director Bart Johnson. “To have to park your car, make sure you get everything, go to the ticket counter, check in. Be at the checkpoint two hours ahead of time.”

And before you hit that checkpoint, Johnson added it’s important to do your homework. “Believe it or not, it’s not that difficult to follow the rules,” stated the Director. “All the information is there. All they need to do is read it, and then comply. And it’ll be a much better transit through the checkpoint.”

By taking those extra steps, Johnson said you can avoid causing headaches for others. “On a constant basis, coming across are oversized liquids, things that should not be in the bag,” he noted. “It causes backups, and it causes unnecessary aggravation.”

And one last thing. Make sure you use an empty bag, without any surprises—like weapons—hiding at the bottom.