ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — What has been called Albany’s biggest eyesore is currently listed on the County’s website. It will be a closed bid system and bids need to be in by noon on June 10. The 1927 building is a 12-story former refrigerated factory that was used as a food-storage facility.

In 2010, a fire tore through the facility burning everything inside while maintaining the outer structure’s concrete facade. As a result, the building has continued to remain abandoned in Albany’s warehouse district, with developer after developer eying it with hopes of turning the eyesore into something of use for the City.

Back in 2018, NEWS10’S Tim Lake did a special report about the Central Warehouse and its then buyer, Evan Blum, who had initially wanted to use the building as advertising space to raise funds for his overall plan to convert the warehouse into something of use for the community, however, his grand plans never seemed to come to fruition.

Now, with the green light given on the Albany Skyway, the question remains as to what can be done with the massive historic building that seems to change hands without any progress being made to renovate/restore it. The hope is that the current eyesore will one day be turned into something that benefits the Albany community.