ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — According to a new report by, Albany ranks among the 25 most neighborly cities in the United States. Albany was ranked 23rd overall. said they based the rankings on data related to charitable giving, generosity, happiness, the well-being of residents, and other factors. New this year, the website surveyed actual Americans about their neighborly habits, their relationships with their neighbors, and what they think makes a community most neighborly.

During the interviews, found that nearly 30% of people hang out with their neighbors more than they used to due to high gas prices and expensive plane tickets. About 42.5% are more willing than before to help out a neighbor and 41% choose to support small businesses over chains. The report also found that 45% of people will still be neighborly even though their neighbors have different political affiliations.

The report said that Albany has the second highest rate of nonprofits per capita on the list, with 14.1 organizations per 10,000 residents. Rochester and Poughkeepsie also made the 2022 list.

Top 25 Most Neighborly Cities in America in 2022

  1. Rochester, New York
  2. Madison, Wisconsin
  3. Provo, Utah
  4. Oxnard, California
  5. Grand Rapids, Michigan
  6. Raleigh, North Carolina
  7. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  8. Poughkeepsie, New York
  9. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  10. Des Moines, Iowa
  11. San Jose, California
  12. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  13. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  14. Ogden, Utah
  15. Seattle, Washington
  16. Salt Lake City, Utah
  17. New Haven, Connecticut
  18. Portland, Oregon
  19. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  20. Honolulu, Hawaii
  21. Toledo, Ohio
  22. Springfield, Massachusetts
  23. Albany, New York
  24. Allentown, Pennsylvania
  25. Spokane, Washington

This is the first time Albany has made the Top 25 most neighborly cities list. You can read the full report on the website.