ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Multiple Albany landmarks, along with over 800 buildings and landmarks around the world, will be lighting up teal on November 3 for Alzheimer’s awareness. The initiative is a part of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America’s (AFA) Light the World in Teal program.

This program is held annually in November, as November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. It aims to shine a light on Alzheimer’s disease and show support for the millions of people affected by it.

“Having these Albany landmarks all ‘go teal’ on the same day is a powerful and incredible way to raise awareness and show support for the millions of families who are affected by Alzheimer’s disease,” said Charles J. Fuschillo, Jr., AFA’s President & CEO. “AFA thanks each of them for helping to light the world in teal for Alzheimer’s awareness and literally shining a light on the issue of Alzheimer’s disease.”

The Albany landmarks that will be lighting up teal, which is AFA’s Alzheimer’s awareness color, include the following:

  • Empire State Plaza
  • Alfred E. Smith Building
  • Carl McCall SUNY Plaza Building
  • State Education Department Building
  • Albany International Airport Gateway