ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — With reports of snow in the upcoming forecast, the Albany International Airport has geared up and is ready for the first snowfall. Their snow team has been put on standby with the forecast looking the way it does.

“Our vehicle maintenance department has been busy over the last two months, preparing
our fleet of over thirty snowplows, brooms, and snow blowers in anticipation of the winter season,” said Philip Calderone, CEO of the Albany International Airport. “Our goal is to ensure that our scheduled arrivals and departures are able to maintain their schedules, even in the face of inclement weather.”

The Airport snow fight equipment runs the gamut from snow blowers that can clean the
average home driveway in 3-seconds, snowplows with blades up to 40 feet wide, pickup trucks to clean parking lots, right down to hand-held snow shovels for walkways.