ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — On Monday, April 10, the Albany Water Department (AWD) will begin its annual hydrant flushing program throughout the city. This testing helps to enhance water quality, verify hydrants are continuing to work properly for the Albany Fire Department, and aids in determining proper functioning of water pipes, valves, and fittings.

A map showing the location of the hydrants being tested can be found on the AWD website. The map will be updated weekly to identify active flushing areas.

Neighborhoods and blocks in the active flushing area will receive door-hanger notifications within a week of the hydrant flushing and an electronic message board will be placed in the neighborhood during active hydrant flushing.

The process can cause reduced water pressure and temporary water discoloration for residents and businesses located near fire hydrants. The temporary discoloration is caused by a stirring up of sediment in the system and is not harmful, AWD officials said. However, if a load of laundry is washed while the water is discolored, your clothes could be stained.

Any temporary water discoloration can be remedied by running cold-water faucets for several minutes or until clear. If any resident experiences prolonged periods of water discoloration, they should call AWD dispatch at (518) 434-5322.