ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple is no longer running for New York State Senate in the 43rd District. Apple made the announcement on Facebook on Wednesday.

“I never had aspirations for higher office, but with the support and encouragement I received from residents across the district, I tried to convince myself this was the next step for me,” said Apple in the post.

Apple said he loves his current job and can best serve the community in the Albany County Sheriff’s Office. In the post, Apple apologized to the unions, committee members, and volunteers who worked hard to support him.

“On a county level, we have tackled many problems facing our state, and I thought I could make a difference up the street. I’m not so sure I could have as much of an impact on improving our community there as I already do each day,” said Apple.

Apple told NEWS10 on May 18 that he would run for state senate if the district maps drafted by the special master stay the same. On May 21, Apple had volunteers with petitions around the 43rd District to get on the ballot.

“I have proven that law enforcement can be compassionate and kind and still maintain law and order. So with that said, I look forward to protecting you and keeping you safe as long as you will have me,” said Apple.

Apple ended the post by saying he will not endorse a candidate in the race.