ALBANY COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — On Friday, Albany County reported the second-highest number of positive coronavirus cases overnight since the pandemic began.

140 county residents tested positive for coronavirus. Albany County Executive Dan McCoy says that in the days and weeks to come, it will likely only get higher, as people gathered in groups and many will get tested upon arrival back from out of state travel.

“What you did yesterday will affect us going forward,” said County Executive McCoy at a briefing Friday.

Local officials have been closely monitoring the seven-day rolling average of positive test results, because if it’s over 3% for 10 days in a row, Albany County could become a yellow zone with heightened state restrictions. Thursday was the county’s fifth day in a row. McCoy says there is a discrepancy with the state’s regional coronavirus dashboard. According to the state’s data, Albany County had their sixth consecutive day of 3% or higher on Friday. But According to McCoy, it actually comes out to a number that would reset the microcluster clock.

“20,215 people were tested; 604 came back positive,” said McCoy, “so according to our math the seven-day average is at 2.987%.”

McCoy plans on discussing this with the Regional Control Room that tracks coronavirus in the Capital Region.

Officials are urging those who traveled or got together in large groups for Thanksgiving to get properly tested for COVID-19.

“Usually you should test about four to seven days afterwards. Certainly, if you are symptomatic, test sooner. If you do convert to positivity, share the information around who you were with,” said Albany County Health Commissioner Dr. Liza Whalen.