ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — As reported on Monday, the Albany Common Council will be holding a meeting to discuss new laws regarding the use of tear gas and other chemical weapons, including pepper spray. On Tuesday, the council added local Law J of 2022 to the agenda.

The meeting will still take place on Monday, October 3, and will include the following schedule-

  • Roll Call
    Pledge of Allegiance
    Moment of Silence
    Public Hearings
    Public Comment Period (30 Minutes)
    Approval of Minutes from Previous Meetings
    Consideration of Local Laws
    Communications from the Mayor, Department Heads and other City Officials
    Consideration of Vetoes
    Presentation of Petitions and Communications
    Reports of Standing Committees
    Reports of Ad Hoc Committees
    Consideration of Ordinances
    Consideration of Resolutions
    Additional Public Comment (30 Minutes)
    Miscellaneous or Unfinished Business

The addition of Local Law J includes the city of Albany in relation to prohibiting the Albany Police Department from purchasing, stockpiling, and using kinetic energy munitions.