ALBANY COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Mass shootings across the country have people looking for ways to protect themselves in the event of an active shooter situation. Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple says his office offers training and advice.

Apple tells NEWS10’s Anya Tucker that the phones at his office have been ringing off the hook with calls from organizations and businesses, including places like dental offices and yoga studios, wanting advice and training when it comes active shooter situations.

“People want to feel safe. They need to be safe, and we want to provide that,” said Apple.

He says organizations, businesses and schools can sign up for safety assessments and special training offered through his office’s Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events program, otherwise
known as CRASE.

“We normally go in and we do a quick physical plant inspection. We will do, like, a security risk assessment of your property. You know, these windows right here — that’s high exposure. How are your doors? Are you locking your doors during the day?”

Apple pointed to reports that the Texas school shooter suspect entered through an unlocked door. “One of the things that’s coming out from the latest shooting is the door was unlocked. That’s kind of taboo in today’s day and time. It’s sad, but you shouldn’t have that anymore,” he said.

The CRASE program also offers advice on low cost security upgrades that just about anyone can afford.

“Like, you don’t have to buy all these crazy door locks and everything else. There are things you can get at your local hardware store to take care of that and seal that door off. We also show you different items that you can use to defend yourself if you need to,” added Apple.

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