ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — This weekend, a local boxer enters steps not only into the ring, but into the spotlight at ESPN.

Kasir Goldston, also known as King Mazzi, looks to walk out victorious in his second professional debut after signing with Top Rank. Though he’s only 17-years-old, he has the poise of a 17-year veteran.

Coming off a victory in his first professional bout back on September 19, Goldston says the nerves are gone. That all comes with growth from those who support him.

“I love having Albany behind me and the decisions I’ve made. I’m a young kid in the sport and I can fairly say, I got a lot of people behind me, a lot of people who believe in me,” Goldston said. “That right there just gives me the confidence alone that everyone knows this kid is good, this kid has something. So, I’m just waiting to show everybody that I got a little more that you guys didn’t see.”

Goldston’s father and trainer, TyShaun says the hard part is done, rehearsal is over and now it’s time to put on a show. Whether he’s coach – or dad – Mazzi says the dynamic duo tackles everything together and he’s thankful he can be by his side during this journey to stardom.

“Me and my dad have a great relationship in the ring and outside the ring. We know how to keep boxing in boxing and keep family in family,” Goldston said. “So, us going to these next stages together is perfect because I mean, that’s my father. It can’t be nothing more.”

You can catch this fight this Saturday on ESPN+.