ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Alliance for Clean Energy New York (ACE NY), a coalition promoting clean energy and a healthy environment has released its legislative priorities for 2023. The coalition’s key areas of focus will be renewable energy, clean transportation, and energy efficiency across New York state in 2023.

ACE NY is a leading voice for the clean energy industry in NY supporting legislation for a healthier environment. Anne Reynolds, the executive director of ACE NY states, “Last month, New York approved the Climate Action Scoping Plan that puts in place a framework to achieve the ambitious but necessary goals of net-zero emissions by 2050,” “At ACE NY, we’ve identified a number of important next steps that will help advance the work to equitably achieve the clean energy mandates of New York state and have made them our legislative priorities for 2023.”

Some highlights of legislative agenda for 2023 ACE NY

  • Overcome renewable energy barriers to construction
  • Codify state operations going 100% renewable
  • Exempt energy storage from sales tax
  • Maintain tier 2 renewables
  • Support clean transportation
  • Promote better buildings
  • Oppose new restrictions on renewables

ACE NY explains out of 123 renewable projects contracted since 2017, 17 are operational and 18 were under construction in 2022. Transmission constraints, interconnection delays, supply chain interruptions, permitting roadblocks, and lengthy tax negotiations are a few of the hurdles to getting renewable energy projects to construction. Reynolds adds, “In 2023, we need to match and increase the number of constructions starts for wind and solar projects,” “New York’s climate goals need to now become construction goals for renewables projects, for building retrofits, and for electric car charging infrastructure. Our 2023 legislative priorities are all aimed at this objective.”