SELKIRK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A celebratory occasion at A.W. Becker Elementary School Wednesday morning, with a 3rd grade student winning a county-wide contest to create a design for a reusable bag that will be available across the Capital Region.

3rd grader Kylie McGuiness got to see her winning design on a bag for the first time Wednesday, even sharing some insight about her design.

“I made an Earth that is a heart, and then I put all of the things that we need to protect in our Earth,” the talented young artist said.

It was a special moment for Kylie and her art teacher, who says she can’t take much credit for the work her students did.

“They did it in their own time, and then they just sent them along to me when they were finished, and soon as I saw it, I said, “you know what, I think this has a very good chance of winning,” Laura Young said.

The celebration was a great way to wrap up what’s been an unprecedented school year, and also the conclusion of a great teaching career.

“I happen to be retiring in two days. This is a great week for me all the way around, and I’m so proud of Kylie and I know she’s going to do just as awesome with her new art teacher next year,” says Young.

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy, who presented the finished product to Kylie, says her design won unanimously.

“Everyone who was judging this contest was blown away by, with the heart, the whale, and the different animals, and the little saying around it, was awesome. I’m smiling about it now because as we were going through this COVID-19, you needed things to grab onto,” McCoy said.

McCoy says the county will work with numerous partners to get the bags out to the public. They’ll also be available on the county’s website.