ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)—Sheriff Craig D. Apple unveiled his department’s new Mobile Tactical Training Trailer Friday. The trailer was constructed over the summer using funds from forfeiture money seized from drug dealers. The wood structures inside are made from wood recycled from a fire at Curtis Lumber.

The kitchen is one area for training with a porch and door simulating a home deputies might have to respond to.

The former moving trailer was designed by State Fire Instructor Jerry Paris, to aid in the training of police, fire, and emergency medical service (EMS) personnel. Pairs and other put in 300 hours of their own time over the summer to construct this one of a kind training trailer.

The inside is customizable and easy to rearrange, allowing for different scenarios. Police can practice door breaches and searches. In a few minutes, it can all be rearranged for EMS personnel practicing extracting patients from tight spaces, like the bathroom. 

The roof simulator allows fire departments to train for different styles of roofing they may come across.

The inside has a kitchen, a small bathroom and on the side is a roof simulator. The roof simulator can be adjusted to a different angle to practice ladder entries.

The entire trailer can be filled with smoke allowing firefighters to train with zero visibility.

As a mobile training aid, the trailer will deploy to smaller communities in the county, offering training to departments that don’t have access to a more extensive training facility. Some agencies travel hours to train.  What would be a two-hour session can turn into a six-hour marathon session with just two hours of the time being training. This is hard for small departments with volunteers who train in the evenings.

The trailer is already in demand. Next week the Tactical Training Trailer will spend a week in Cohoes before gong to the Watervliet Arsenal.