ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Albany County Sheriff’s office held a press conference Saturday afternoon to discuss a criminal complaint his office received on Thursday from an aide who says Gov. Cuomo groped her breast, including unwanted touching at the New York State Executive Mansion.

Sheriff Apple has previously confirmed to reporters the governor could be arrested and face jail time if the allegations are substantiated, this includes a potential misdemeanor forceable touching charge.

Sheriff Apple says his team is working on a “very comprehensive” investigation and they are in the very early stages of the case. Apple plans to meet with Albany County District Attorney’s office early next week.

On Friday, Governor Cuomo’s legal team says the AG’s report is “targeted” and claim they are not being given evidence to properly defend the 63-year-old governor. His team says Cuomo continues to deny all accusations. “Me and my team went through the emails for that day. All of the entrance and exit records in this woman’s story which is stated as fact in the report, is false. The documentary evidence does not support what she said,” says Rita Glavin, Governor Cuomo’s attorney.

Sheriff Apple says he has requested investigative materials from the New York State Attorney General’s office. “We have a lot of fact-finding to do. We have a lot of interviews to do. I am not going to rush it because of who he is, and I am not going to delay it because of who he is. We’re going to conduct a very comprehensive investigation as my investigators and my staff always do, and when the data and facts are complied, we’ll make a decision at that point,” says Sheriff Apple.

“We will cooperate fully with the Albany Sheriff and turn over all evidence related to this complainant. similarly, we will cooperate with all law enforcement agencies, as appropriate.”

Fabien Levy

The New York State Assembly’s Judiciary Committee plans to meet on Monday to discuss the possibility of impeachment against the democratic governor.