ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Albany County Commitment to Ensuring a Safe Society law, also known as the ACCESS law, is the latest attempt from local lawmakers to address gun violence at the county level.

“There is a consensus in America, as far as tackling this issue, the work we have to do is on the politics side to get it done,” Dustin Reidy, (D) 30th District, said.

The law would require a warning sign to be displayed at all gun stores indicating an increased risk of violence associated with using guns. It would also have information for the Albany County Mobile Crisis Team and the National Suicide Hotline.

It is based off a similar law passed by Westchester County and would require gun stores to give that warning to anyone buying a gun or a firearms license.

“Owning a firearm does increase your chance of something terrible happening, whether by design or otherwise,” Chairman Andrew Joyce, (D) 9th District, said.

Co-sponsor of the law, Dustin Reidy, said it needs to be a collaborative effort.

“Every responsible firearms dealer, they recognize the warnings that firearms pose and, so, I’m hoping that gun store owners will want to work with us on this because they have to be part of the solution as well,” Reidy said.

Some lawmakers are questioning if the law would be effective.

“I think it is a well-intentioned effort to highlight the potential dangers of wrongful use of firearms,” Paul Burgdorf, (R) 23rd District, said. “I’m not sure it will be particularly effective. Legal gun owners are people who generally know the dangers, effects, of firearms.”

Minority Leader Frank Mauriello, (R) 27th District, issued a statement to News10:

“With the unfortunate occurrences in the past month, we understand the issue of gun violence needs to be addressed. We look forward to discussion of this legislation in committee. We also look forward to hearing from all interested parties in the upcoming public hearing next month.”  

The proposed law will go through the law and public safety committees, as well as public hearings, before the legislature moves forward on a vote. The next public hearing will be held July 11, 2022.