ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) There’s another option for seniors and others left with no way to put food on the table amid the health crisis.

“A Block at a Time” has launched a program matching those in need with “helpers” who will run errands free of charge for those who can’t, or are too afraid to leave their homes.

Co-founder of the organization, Dannielle Hille says 30 volunteers have signed up so far.

“People are hoarding items essential items like toilet paper and soap. Stuff like that, you know, we need to make sure that everybody gets some,” she said.

“Helpers” will be matched with those at higher risk for severe illness.

“Volunteers will go and get a list from them and a payment method. They’ll go do their grocery shopping, get their toiletries, get their medicine and bring it back to them,” said Hille.

Each helper is screened for risk of exposure and given a helper ID number so the person in need they’re assigned to can verify their identity. 

“Unfortunately, scammers come out when there is a disaster and we have taken steps to mitigate as much as we can those possibilities,” said Hille.

People in need are only asked to provide a reasonable shopping list, reusable bags, and a payment method. Hille says, so far, it’s working.

“I was able to have the conversation with them on the phone to dispatch a helper and they’re just really grateful that there was an option,” she said.

Anyone in Albany wanting to volunteer can email Those in need can call 518-227-0012 to be matched with a helper.