ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS 10) — An annual Albany county program to aid needy families during the holidays makes a return.


It’s only Halloween but Albany county officials are already thinking of the Holidays and helping families in need. 

Like Christmas morning, toys were laid across the stage at the Office of County Executive’s Dan McCoy. 

It was a part of the over three decades old Adopt a Family program. But it doesn’t just donate toys and trinkets—

“It’s hard when you see these kids request stuff. They’re not looking for the fad or biggest thing coming out, they’re asking for sheets they’re asking for pillows and socks and utensils” said Albany County executive Dan McCoy.

If you’re interested in helping you can go to, fill out a registration form and return it to an adopt a family mailbox—

“Then you will be contacted by one of our adoptive family elves and they will let you know talk to you about what size family you want to buy gifts for it could be a small family of two or a large family of eight or 10” added Moira Manning, Albany County Department for children, youth and families commissioner.

McCoy added that even though the program aides with necessities, they still want to help kids feel like kids for the holidays.

“We try to meet the requirements they want like if they want a jacket obviously or clothes or whatever they requesting we try to get that out first then give them a present on top of that” the executive told us.

The bitter sweet news is that the number of families in need are growing, but the program has been able to touch more lives.

“We had 379 kids I believe last year that participated in the program before that there was 200 that number continues to grow” McCoy continued.

The county executive says if you don’t want to adopt a family you can donate unwrapped toys or monetary contributions.