ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Nearly $30 billion is set aside in the state budget to help fund public schools. The budget also includes a $1.4 billion increase in Foundation Aid over the next three years. Foundation Aid is the main source of state funding for the school districts that are financially struggling.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said during his Wednesday briefing, “This goes a long way toward fiscal equity.” The Albany City School District will be receiving $9.5 million in Foundation Aid. “We really rely on state aid to be able to provide the support and programs for our students,” says Albany City Schools Superintendent Kaweeda Adams.

That support was in short supply because of the pandemic. Albany City Schools had to lay-off more than 200 people in the Fall. Since then, they were able to bring back 177 employees.

“Last year, we remained flat. There was no [Foundation Aid] increase last year, so the $10 million that we see this time is over a two-year period and we really pleased about that because it raises our base level of funding in order to move forward year after year,” says Superintendent Adams.

Albany wasn’t the only one facing financial troubles. Schenectady City Schools also had to to lay-offs hundreds of employees and Lansingburgh Schools didn’t open to in person learning until the end of February partly because of financial uncertainty. “We are dependent on those dollars to provide those resources and delivery of quality instruction for our students,” says Superintendent Adams.