ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) issued an emergency suspension for All Star Pizza & Deli’s liquor license, the agency announced on Thursday. They claim to have logged five sales of alcohol to a minor at the Quail Street store, leading to the immediate suspension.

According to the SLA, a 15-year-old working with the Albany Police Department bought a 12-pack of beers and was not asked for identification. SLA said that the All Star Pizza & Deli employee who made the sale is also a minor.

SLA claims to have caught the convenience store selling alcohol to minors five times since May 6, 2021. Since then, the agency also fined the store more than $20,000 for selling to minors and possessing untaxed cigarettes.

SLA said it will work to fully revoke the liquor license while the suspension is in place. The store was not ordered to close, but effective immediately, it cannot sell alcohol.

On Wednesday, SLA accused All Star Pizza & Deli of selling alcohol to persons under 21, and employing a worker less than 18 years old to sell alcohol on site. Chairman Vincent Bradley and Commissioner Lily Fan ordered the suspension at a special meeting of its full board on Thursday.

“The licensee’s blatant and alarming indifference to the law by continuing to sell alcoholic beverages to our youth is a serious threat to public health, safety, and welfare,” Bradley said. “Licensees that place profits above public safety, and the personal safety of minors, will be immediately closed.”

The suspension does not equal a guilty verdict. The owner of All Star Pizza & Deli has the right to a hearing on the matter before an administrative law judge.