ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Just a day after a 60-year old woman was shot in Albany, Albany 518 SNUG held a shooting response discussion and community cookout to address the recent gun violence in the city.

“So we probably won’t be able to ever get people to stop. But as long as we work towards getting the information out there about what gun violence is, how it doesn’t just affect people involved with gun violence, but how it affects everyone,” says Justin Gaddy, program manager of Albany 518 SNUG.

Gaddy says it is important for the community to see something positive, which is why SNUG set up a shooting response and community cookout along Morton Avenue in the city. Besides handing out burgers and hot dogs, the group handed out educational flyers about gun violence to anyone going by.

The city of Albany saw two fatal shootings within a week in late April and early May. Gaddy says those deaths could have been prevented, “we need more people to stand against the violence that’s going on in the community and utilize us so that we can mediate those conflicts so that we don’t have anyone going to an early grave or prison for the rest of their life.” 

SNUG social worker Greg Sears says police may solve the crimes and identify those involved, but it is up to the community to solve why they are happening and to stop it before it happens.

“People want to get involved. People are just afraid. This is not a police problem; it’s not a problem the police are going to solve,” Sears says, “the community has to solve this problem. So coming out here and getting involved in the community activities. Community events and letting the community know that this is a good thing to stay and respond.”