HARLEM, N.Y. (PIX11) — Attorney General Letitia James took a few questions about her office’s investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, as new accusers coming forward each week and new allegations of abuse of power emerge. “All I can say is that the investigation is ongoing,” James said while taking questions at a food bank event in Harlem. “I cannot give you a completion date.”

Gov. Cuomo has disappeared from the public eye during the last week while negotiating the budget, which as of Thursday morning is officially late. He has not taken questions since another woman, Sherry Vill, alleged a forced kiss in May of 2017. Nor has Cuomo taken questions about new reports he is taking advantage of his office for personal gain.

The New York Times reported Wednesday night the governor pressured staff to help him with his $4 million book deal.  It happened right around the time his office was accused of hiding damaging information about deaths in New York nursing homes.

There have also been recent reports Cuomo ran a VIP COVID testing program for family and political allies using state resources during the early days of the pandemic.

Cuomo has previously said he never touched anyone inappropriately. Senior staff for the Governor have denied in statements any abuse of his office.

“Corruption, pure and simple,” NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio called the latest allegations. “A clear consistent pattern of corruption.”

De Blasio suggested everyone with an open investigation into the Governor including the State Assembly, the Justice Department and the Attorney General James would now need to broaden their inquiries.

PIX11 News asked James if the scope of her investigation would expand.  James remained tight-lipped.

“The investigation is based on all of the complaints we have received,” she said.

James did make one promise about all the high-profile investigations she is currently handling including ones involving the governor, former President Trump, and the NRA.

“I’m putting my head down and I’m ignoring all the noise,” James said. “The chips will fall where they may, and we will render justice one way or the other.”