ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — On Thursday, December 9, Attorney General Tish James suspended her short-lived gubernatorial campaign in order to run for re-election. She said there are a number of important investigations and cases underway and she intends to finish the job as attorney general.

While it’s not clear which investigations James was referring to in her announcement, she has been working on civil and criminal investigations into Donald Trump and the Trump Organization.

She’s also is working on active litigation against the NRA, Amazon, Google, and Facebook, as well as a criminal investigation into Former Governor Andrew Cuomo’s book deal.

It was her investigation into Cuomo’s sexual harassment allegations that ultimately led to his resignation from office.

Before James announced the suspension of her gubernatorial campaign, a recent Siena Poll showed Governor Hochul taking an early lead in the Democratic primary with 36% and James in second place with 18 percent.

“The difference seems to me is that for the last four months, they’ve seen Kathy Hochul being governor. They’ve seen Letitia James being attorney general. So, while it’s a quasi open office in the sense that Governor Hochul wasn’t elected to it, she is the governor, she is the incumbent, she has the power of the bully pulpit,” Steven Greenberg, Pollster at Siena College Research Institute.

Governor Kathy Hochul tweeted her support for Attorney General Tish James on her decision to run for re-election. She stated she admires her commitment to the important work she has undertaken in the Attorney General’s Office and is looking forward to continuing to work with her.