ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Almost three weeks ago, 45 residents from the Parkview Apartments were displaced due to a pipe burst and power outage. CRM Rental Management owns the building and was able to help with paying for food and other resources.

Last time News10 was here, we were told that some residents could stay at a hotel while they made the repairs. However, that comfort was short-lived.

CRM Rental Management repaired the burst pipes, but tenants started to experience other issues.

Patricia Rodgers and Billy Rathbun are among the residents who stayed in the Comfort Inn for three weeks and returned to an apartment with no water. That was resolved, but now there is an issue the whole building is experiencing.

“There’s just no hot water. It will come and go occasionally, but for the most part…there’s no hot water,” Billy Rathbun said. “You can’t even do dishes or take showers.”

There are remnants of water damage throughout the building, and now residents are frustrated and fearful of getting sick from possible mold.

Patricia Rodgers said, “yes, everybody is this angry, and many people are scared for their health.”

Jennifer Mahonski has been living in the building for almost five years. Mahonski says that building issues have become too familiar.

“I do have an open ceiling in my bathroom shower that is all different colors, and I hate looking at it,” Mahonski said.

Mahonski also says that it has been frustrating to get any repairs done

On Wednesday, News10 spoke with Richard LaJoy, Director of the Department of Buildings and Regulatory Compliance. He says that there is hot water, but it is insufficient, and they are working on fixing the issues.

“We’re gonna keep our foot down on the pedal here; now that they’re back in, we’re not going to forget about them,” LaJoy said. “They are going to be held accountable to make sure that all quality of life issues are dealt with.”