SCHOHARIE, N.Y. (NEWS10)–For the friends and families of the victims of Schoharie limo crash that happened in October 2018, today was a difficult day. Not only is the second anniversary of the crash approaching, but the Final NTSB report was just released.

“I know at least some of them were not listening,” explained Cynthia LaFave, an attorney. “Because they just can’t. They want very badly to have their legal representatives do this, so that in the future this can’t happen to someone else or won’t happen to someone else. But they they themselves need arms length from this. They are processing the worst tragedy you can imagine.”

Limo safety legislation has been proposed in both the state and federal government. Congressman Paul Tonko said, it’s important to move forward with the recommendations from the NTSB to help protect others.

“Our bill, which has passed in the House and stands before the Senate, would basically provide incentives to our states to deal with vehicles that have failed inspection,” explained Tonko.

He said those incentives for the states would be monetary, to help ensure that unfit vehicles are no longer out on the roads. Last year, three bipartisan bills regarding limo safety were introduced. Congresswoman Elise Stafanik was among those in support of the legislation.

In a statement, Congresswoman Stafanik said, “This was a horrific loss to our Upstate community two years ago, and I will never forget the grief and sadness I witnessed and experienced when I attended the memorial event in Schoharie. This NTSB report shows clear negligence and egregious oversights that directly led to the loss of these young lives. We must work to immediately pass bipartisan legislation to strengthen transportation safety standards.”

According to Congressman Tonko, he’s hopeful that this legislation will pass in the Senate.