ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Several environmental, economic and transportation groups in New York State are backing a bill to legalize electronic bike and scooter use.

Advocates of e-scooters and e-bikes in New York State say a little bit of extra power can help people go a long way — whether it be for commuting or for recreation.

“Our terrain, we have a lot of hilly areas so if someone says ‘I want to ride, but there’s too many hills’ they could even just turn on the e-bike portion for going up a hill and then doing the traditional bike,” Mark Eagan, Capital Region Chamber President & CEO, said.

Eagan says it’s in line with the lifestyle younger people are looking for.

“If we want to be a community that is able to attract and retain young professionals, we need the amenities that they expect a community to have,” he said.

Those are some of the reasons why he’s signed onto a letter, along with other organizations, asking Governor Andrew Cuomo to sign off on a bill the legislature passed allowing municipalities to legalize their use.

“Cars and trucks are the number one source of greenhouse gas emissions in our state and in our country, and we need to find new modes of transportation,” Julie Tighe, The New York League of Conservation Voters President, said.

A spokesperson from the Governor’s Office says the bill is under review.

And according to the New York State Senate website, the bill has not yet been delivered to the Governor.