CAPITAL REGION, N.Y.(NEWS10) – Dubbed one of the world’s most scenic train rides, the Adirondack Line has resumed operations.

Amtrak’s Adirondack Line is making its first stop in the Capital Region since the pandemic shut it down and continues through the North Country with a final stop in Montreal.

Rick Caplan is a regular rider of the line. He came all the way from Pennsylvania just to get on board for the first day back.

“I’ve ridden all the long-distance trains. Multiple times. And I knew this was coming back today so I just wanted to be on the first one,” said Caplan.

Jason Abrams, the senior spokesperson with Amtrak, says this is a monumental day. “All of our trains are now back to service from the pandemic including all three to Canada,” said Abrams.

A couple of key factors kept the line from starting up earlier.

“We needed the border to be open for travel. We also need to have the trains and the crew as well to run it. Crew’s qualifications last for a year, so being out of service for 3 years, those qualifications expired,” said Abrams.

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik released the following statement on the train’s triumphant return:

“Families throughout Upstate New York and the North Country rely on the Adirondack Line for transportation, and it serves a significant economic driver, connecting tourists and our Canadian neighbors, to our region.”

From New York City to Montreal the entire ride is about 10 hours. From Albany, the trip is only about seven, which is plenty of time for Rick to sit back and enjoy the ride. “I’ve always liked this train and the views are fantastic,” said Caplan.