QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Sasha and Mike Pardy have long gotten questions about their business, Adirondack Winery, and its winemaking space.

Those are questions like, “Can I relax here and try a glass of wine?” or “Can I have lunch here?”

And on Thursday, backed by work already started on her business’ next phase, Sasha was happy to say the answer could finally be yes.

“We’ve been bursting at the seams for a few years now, selling out of wine often because we haven’t had enough space to make enough wine to keep up with demand,” she explained during a groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday. “This project is about to make that problem go away.”

The Pardys were joined by local leaders to commemorate the start of work on Adirondack Winery’s new expansion, a $2.6 million project creating a new winemaking facility and tasting room in a new building behind the current Queensbury headquarters, located at 395 Big Bay Road.

The 14,100-square-foot facility will allow the company to triple the amount of wine it can produce. Winemaker Brad Casacci said that looks like as much as 50,000 bottles in a single year.

The 1,000-gallon tanks that are part of Adirondack Winery’s brewing operation, which will be moved into the new building upon its completion next spring, in Queensbury, N.Y. (Photo: Jay Petrequin)

Since starting out business in 2008, Adirondack Winery has moved from using 5-gallon glass jugs for brewing to a set of 1,000-gallon metal tanks, sitting in the building currently used for brewing. Outside, there are 2,000-gallon tanks that can’t fit in the existing building.

Once the new winemaking building is complete, though, those tanks will finally have a home with a roof; and will be joined by another upgrade, a set of 4,000-gallon units. Winemaking will take up around 8,500 square feet of the new building.

“That will give us more storage space for barrels for red wines and whites,” Casacci said. “Right now, we’re pretty much at our limit for what we can store.”

That expansion will allow the winery to expand its own reach. Currently, Adirondack Winery bottles can be seen in around 450 stores across New York. The plan now is to expand outside of New York, helped along in part by the facility’s proximity to the Northway.

The work is set to be completed by April of 2022. Once it is, the new building will also host a tasting room that will feature drinks from other local breweries, in addition to Adirondack Winery’s own. Food offerings will include charcuterie and tapas.

Outdoor space will be used for dining, fire pits, and private event hosting.

Left: The current work zone for Adirondack Winery’s new winemaking and tasting building. Right: A graphic of what the finished building will look like. (Photos: Jay Petrequin)

The project is also an employment generator. Pardy said that 12 construction jobs have been created in the six-month building process, and 13 more will be generated over the next two years once the new facility is open.

Adirondack Winery also operates a tasting room along Canada Street in Lake George.

There to celebrate the groundbreaking, and wield golden shovels alongside the business owners, were officials including New York State Senator Dan Stec, Assemblyman Matthew Simpson, Warren County Board of Supervisors Chair Rachel Seeber, Queensbury Supervisor John Strough, Lake George Supervisor Dennis Dickinson and Lake George Regional Chamber of Commerce Director Gina Mintzer.