LONG LAKE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A little more than month after devastating flooding hit a popular vacation spot in the Adirondacks, businesses are bouncing back.

“There was a lot of damage very quickly,” said Nate Hosley, owner of the Long View Lodge, recalling when roads were washed out by severe flooding in the hamlet on July 11.

But just as quickly as the rain swept in, Hosley said, crews got to work.

“The brook overran the bridge, so it cut off half the town,” Hosley recalled, “but the crews got the town back up. That bridge was fixed by 7:00 P.M. the same night.”

Hosley said most of the restaurants and shops in town were only shut down for that day, but they still lost precious summer tourism time in the weeks that followed. 

“The first two weeks were pretty tough because everybody didn’t know if they could get here,” Hosley said. “There was one road that was closed for a significant amount of time. They now have that back open, but overall, you just can’t get those weeks back. But now, everybody’s coming back and enjoy the Adirondacks.”

Town Supervisor Clay Arsenault said the flood recovery has been going very well, but there is still a lot to be done.

Long Lake resident Hillarie Logan-Dechene weathered the storm without damage to her property. Her friend Valerie, however, was not as lucky, and her home suffered irreparable flood damage that insurance would not cover. Logan-Dechene set up a GoFundMe for Valerie that raised over $80,000.

“I knew that if we could get the word out soon and fast, and broadly, that we’d have a chance of actually helping her. We knew it was going to be a huge loss,“ Logan-Dechene said.

Logan-Dechene hopes the resilience of Long Lake not only helps businesses recover from any tourism losses this summer, but also draws people in for the other seasons. 

“There are lots of reasons why people care about Long Lake in this area, and we invite everybody up,” she said.