(NEWS10) – Friday’s 98.3 TRY Social Dilemma came from Deana. She wants to know if she made the right decision by not giving out her password.

Hi Jaime. I have a dilemma and I have to admit it’s got me pretty angry. We’re all on Facebook, well most of us anyway. The other day I came across a post by one of my good friends that read “Anyone out there have a Disney Plus password we can borrow. Feel free to send it in a message.” I was shocked to see it written on Facebook like that, but there it was. Well, I have Disney Plus, but I did not respond. Well, a day goes by, and I get a message from this friend, saying “I know you have Disney Plus, why didn’t you message me your login and password?” That’s it. No please, no thank you, nothing. I wrote back and told her I wasn’t comfortable doing that, and asking on Facebook probably wasn’t the best idea either. She got all upset with me, said I wasn’t a good friend, and that I was judging her. I said I was trying to help her. She didn’t understand why I wouldn’t give her the password. Do you think I did the right thing? Wasn’t she a little forward in the way she asked? I don’t want to give out passwords to anyone. Am I being a goody goody? Thanks Jaime

~ Deana

Well, I don’t think Deana is being a goody goody. I wouldn’t give my password out either. And the way she asked on Facebook like that. No, not cool in my opinion.

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