ALBANY, N.Y. ( NEWS10) – Meteorologist Matt Mackie and Jill Szwed’s weather report say to expect a lot of clouds today. Today’s five things to know feature’s a teen bringing a fake gun to Schenectady High School, the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court draft leak, and a shooting spree that spans three counties.

1. Mother’s Day 2022 Pictures!

Happy Mother’s Day from NEWS10! These are pictures shared by our viewers! If you would like to add a photo and a message please email!

Mother’s Day 2022 Pictures!

2. Teen brings fake gun to Schenectady HS

A 17-year-old was arrested by Schenectady Police after he brought a fake gun to school. Police say the teen entered Schenectady High School with a ski mask, sunglasses, gloves, and imitation handgun.

Teen arrested for bringing fake gun to Schenectady HS

3. Man’s shooting spree spans 3 counties

A man was arrested after shooting multiple businesses. Police now believe the shooting could have spanned through businesses in three different counties.

Police probe of alleged shooting spree spans 3 counties

4. Breaking down Roe v. Wade Supreme Court draft leak

An apparent first draft of a majority opinion from the Supreme Court leaked this week. A family law attorney at Tully Rinckey breaks down the leak.

Breaking down Roe v. Wade Supreme Court draft leak

5. Albany Police Chief talks violence and policing

Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins held a press conference at the Albany Police Headquarters on Henry Johnson Boulevard at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday. He addressed recent incidents and the importance of community engagement leading into warmer months when criminal activity rises.

Albany Police Chief Hawkins talks violence and policing