GOSHEN, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Legoland New York is making a splash as the first new major theme park to open in the Northeast in four decades. Families are flocking to the park full of colorful models and rides for people of all ages!

Get out your phone, or camera if you’re really hardcore, and get ready to take some pictures! Here are the top 5 spots to snap a cool pic while you’re visiting!

1. The Sleepy Tourist

Sleepy Tourist Bench
Snap a pic with the sleepy tourist!

You’ll notice the Sleepy Tourist near the entrance to Miniland! It sits above the park and is a great place to snap pictures of the entire park! Make sure to get a picture next to this sleepy dad for social media!

2. Brad the Dino

Brad the Dino
Make sure to snap a pic with this model as soon as you get in the park.

This enormous and colorful model is hard to miss. You are greeted by Brad the Dino when you enter the park. There are a number of different angles to capture everything that is going on in this busy model.

3. The Friends Bench

Friends Bench
This is a must stop picture location for fans of LEGO Friends!

For fans of LEGO Friends, this is a must-stop picture spot! All of the Friends characters are welcoming you to sit and relax and get that perfect picture! This bench is located in front of Brick Party in the Brick Street area.

4. The Mad Scientist

The Mad Scientist welcomes you to Bricktopia, and you can see part of the LEGO Factory Adventure Ride in the background! This colorful model makes for a perfect picture!

5. The Bricktopia Bunny Bench

Bunny Bench
Become the bunny or sit next to it on this playful bench!

This spot is not far from the Mad Scientist and sits in front of DJ’s Dizzy Disco Spin. Stick your head in the bunny helmet or sit next to the bunny for a fun picture! Especially good for those who love music!