(NEWS10) — October is upon us, and that means the holiday season isn’t far behind. Hectic holiday traveling and planning will soon follow suit. The Vacationer has released the days believed to be the best to travel, to book cheap flights, and secure optimal times and routes.

Summer is viewed as the best time to secure fairly priced plane tickets, as well as to make sure you’ll have a seat on your desired flight. While the summer has come and gone, the report says it’s not too late to secure a good deal. Halloween is seen as the cutoff date to secure tickets to your desired destination, as prices will likely jump afterward. Christmas time bookings are recommended to be made before Thanksgiving, but travelers will likely receive the best deals between now and Halloween.

The Vacationer expects Wednesday, November 23, and Sunday, November 27 to be the busiest days for traveling for Thanksgiving. For less airport traffic and cheaper flights, the report suggests flying out on one of the following days-

  • Sunday, November 20
  • Monday, November 21
  • Tuesday, November 22
  • Thursday, November 24 (Thanksgiving Day flights are cheap)

The report suggests coming home on-

  • Friday, November 25 (Black Friday flights are generally cheap)
  • Monday, November 28
  • Tuesday, November 29

The Vacationer claims that the busiest travel days for Christmas vary from year to year since it doesn’t always fall on the same day of the week. The report sees the following days as potentially the busiest to travel on-

  • Thursday, December 22
  • Friday, December 23
  • Monday, December 26
  • Tuesday, December 27 

The best days to consider flying out on are as follows-

  • Sunday, December 18
  • Monday, December 19
  • Tuesday, December 20
  • Saturday, December 24 (Christmas Eve flights are generally cheap)
  • Sunday, December 25 (Christmas Day flights are generally cheap)

The report also cites Wednesday, December 28 and Thursday, December 29 as the best days to consider flying back home on, to avoid the rush back home directly after the holiday. Travelers should also note, early morning flights are reportedly delayed and canceled less frequently than flights later on in the day.