(WWTI) — Things really warmed up in 2021, temperature-wise. Cornell University’s Northeast Regional Climate Center has confirmed that 2021 was the third-warmest year in the Northeastern U.S. since 1895.

Based on data from the Center, the region has an average of 49.5 degrees Fahrenheit in 2021, which tied it to temperatures recorded in 2020. Also, 2021 was the warmest year on record for five major cities in the Northeast: Boston, Newark, New Jersey Providence, and Rhode Island.

On June 30, Boston and Newark logged their all-time hottest June temperatures with 100 degrees and 103 degrees, respectively. Several cities set or tied records for the greatest number of June days with a high temperature of at least 95 degrees: Newark, with eight days; Boston, with five; Concord, New Hampshire with three; and Burlington, Vermont with two. Erie and Harrisburg Pennsylvania also logged their warmest years.

August was ranked as the warmest on record for Caribou, Syracuse and Buffalo, which ranked among the 10-warmest on record for 25 regional locations. The region also was hit with three back-to-back tropical storms, Fred, Henri, and Ida, which resulted in historic, record-breaking rains.

According to NRCC Director Art DeGaetano, these temperatures and weather events are an indicator of future conditions brought on by greenhouse gas emissions. “Unfortunately, the climate events of 2021, with above-normal and record-breaking temperatures, along with intense precipitation events, are a harbinger of future climate conditions, as they align with climate-model projections in a world with increasing greenhouse gas concentrations,” DeGaetano said in a press release.

The Northeast’s warmest year was recorded in 2012, which had an average of 50.1 degrees. The second-warmest year was in 1998 at 49.8 degrees. The Northeast Regional Climate Center is part of CALS, and it is funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.