CLEVELAND COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) — An Oklahoma veterinarian is in trouble after 168 animals, some of which are exotic, were seized from his farm. Court documents revealed that among the animals seized were draft horses, emus, ostriches, tortoises, and dogs.

A full list of the animals seized, according to court documents filed in Cleveland County. (Credit: Cleveland County)

Norman Animal Welfare took the animals from Aaron Stachmus’ farm about a month ago. The new court documents include disturbing details, like that “both horses had one eye missing” and “appeared to be in need of immediate veterinary care.”

The Norman Police Department said the animals weren’t provided adequate access to water, food, and appropriate shelter. 

“We all work closely together to make sure animals whether they’re native or non-native, everybody’s following the rules and those animals will be treated fairly,” said Micah Holmes, a spokesperson for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife. 

Last year, Stachmus found himself in a similar situation when Norman Police took more than 350 animals from this same property. In that case, from July 2021, the veterinarian faces charges of animal abuse and animal cruelty. 

The animals are now in the care of various animal rescue groups. NEWS10’s sister station in Oklahoma reached out to Stachmus at his clinic and was told he wasn’t available for comment. The Oklahoma Veterinary Board says he still has his license, but they’re waiting to see how his court case pans out. For now, he’s facing 10 years of probation.