NATIONAL (NEWS10) — What aspects of the holiday season make you say “bah humbug?” According to a new report from The Vacationer, “the most wonderful time of the year” also comes with its pitfalls to some. So if there’s anything about the holiday season that makes you feel like the Grinch, you’re not alone. Their report took a look at which traditionally popular holiday traditions are most disliked.

The Vacationer conducted an anonymous survey of 1,003 Americans over the age of 18 using SurveyMonkey. The top 10 most disliked holiday traditions, according to the survey, are as follows:

  1. Gift exchange
  2. Attending a religious service
  3. Caroling or singing
  4. Holiday Party
  5. Decorating your home
  6. Meal with friends or family
  7. Lighting candles
  8. Baking cookies and other treats
  9. Volunteering
  10. Santa Claus

Survey takers were also asked which holiday they are most likely to travel for. The results for that poll are as follows:

  1. Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Both
  4. Not at all

The holiday season could also be considered the most expensive time of the year. When it comes to how much people plan on spending in total, including gas, flights, hotels, tickets, etc., the top denominations are as follows:

  1. $0 – 41.77%
  2. $500 or less – 25.62%
  3. $501 to $1,000 – 12.36%
  4. $1,501 to $2,000 – 7.78%
  5. $2,000 or more – 3.89%