NEW YORK (NEWS10) — A small owl was found inside the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center on Wednesday. The tree came from Oneonta and was transported to Manhattan on Saturday.

The owl—dubbed “Rockefeller”—is a “saw-whet owl,” among the smallest species in the northeast. It has been taken in by a Ravensbeard Wildlife Center in Saugerties, Ulster County. They said they found out about the bird on Monday morning.

Rockefeller was taken to a veterinarian on Wednesday and got a clean bill of health. “He’s had a buffet of all-you-can-eat mice, so he’s ready to go,” said Ellen Kalish, director and founder of the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center.

The plan is to return Rockefeller to the wild this weekend. Though he came from Oneonta, the wildlife experts say that transporting him there again could likely be traumatic. As an adult owl from a species that finds a new mate and new territory every year, Rockefeller will have the same shot at survival in Ulster as he would in Otsego.

The stowaway was identified and by Ravensbeard Wildlife Center:

News of the petite stowaway brought out the punsters and sparked a flood of social media comments. “Owl news, owl the time,” wrote one woman who was clearly enjoying the break in the news cycle.

“Don’t talk to me unless it’s about the tiny owl in the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree,” another tweeted.

Others had a different take, however, with one user tweeting, “So, the folks at Rockefeller Center stole an owl’s tree, then evicted him.”